Public Instance Methods

figure_path(file, paths) click to toggle source

Takes a relative or absolute file name, a couple possible paths that the file might reside in. Returns the full path and File::Stat for the path.

# File lib/rack/reloader.rb, line 85
def figure_path(file, paths)
  found = @cache[file]
  found = file if !found and Pathname.new(file).absolute?
  found, stat = safe_stat(found)
  return found, stat if found

  paths.find do |possible_path|
    path = ::File.join(possible_path, file)
    found, stat = safe_stat(path)
    return ::File.expand_path(found), stat if found

  return false, false
rotation() click to toggle source
# File lib/rack/reloader.rb, line 66
def rotation
  files = [$0, *$LOADED_FEATURES].uniq
  paths = ['./', *$LOAD_PATH].uniq

    next if file =~ /\.(so|bundle)$/ # cannot reload compiled files

    found, stat = figure_path(file, paths)
    next unless found && stat && mtime = stat.mtime

    @cache[file] = found

    yield(found, mtime)
safe_stat(file) click to toggle source
# File lib/rack/reloader.rb, line 100
def safe_stat(file)
  return unless file
  stat = ::File.stat(file)
  return file, stat if stat.file?
rescue Errno::ENOENT, Errno::ENOTDIR, Errno::ESRCH
  @cache.delete(file) and false


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