Class Rack::Auth::OpenIDAuth
In: lib/rack/auth/openid.rb
Parent: Rack::Auth::AbstractHandler

A class developed out of the request to use OpenID as an authentication middleware. The request will be sent to the OpenID instance unless the block evaluates to true. For example in rackup, you can use it as such:

  use Rack::Session::Pool
  use Rack::Auth::OpenIDAuth, realm, openid_options do |env|
    env['rack.session'][:authkey] == a_string
  run RackApp

Or simply:

  app = app, realm, openid_options, &auth


call   new  


oid  [R] 

Public Class methods


     # File lib/rack/auth/openid.rb, line 469
469:       def initialize(app, realm, options={}, &auth)
470:         @oid =, options)
471:         super(app, &auth)
472:       end

Public Instance methods


     # File lib/rack/auth/openid.rb, line 474
474:       def call(env)
475:         to = ? @app : @oid
476: env
477:       end