Class Rack::Response
In: lib/rack/response.rb
Parent: Object

Rack::Response provides a convenient interface to create a Rack response.

It allows setting of headers and cookies, and provides useful defaults (a OK response containing HTML).

You can use Response#write to iteratively generate your response, but note that this is buffered by Rack::Response until you call finish. finish however can take a block inside which calls to write are syncronous with the Rack response.

Your application‘s call should end returning Response#finish.


[]   []=   close   delete_cookie   each   empty?   finish   new   redirect   set_cookie   to_a   write  

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Classes and Modules

Module Rack::Response::Helpers

External Aliases

header -> headers


body  [RW] 
header  [R] 
length  [RW] 
status  [RW] 

Public Class methods

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Alias for finish

Append to body and update Content-Length.

NOTE: Do not mix write and direct body access!